Krzysztof Pyrc’s virology group

science & application

In our work we combine the basic research and utilize it to carry out applicatory projects.

3D tissue models

To gain a deeper understanding of viral infections, we employ cutting-edge ex vivo culture systems, comprised of fully differentiated primary cells. This approach enables us to accurately reconstruct and study the virus within its natural infection microenvironment.

Virus and the cell

To accurately observe viruses within the context of their cellular environment, it’s crucial to employ the right tools. Therefore, we utilize a wide array of techniques ranging from confocal microscopy to advanced structural biology methods.


We strive to thoroughly validate our results to guarantee their reliability. To achieve this, we have developed specialized models and employ a rigorous cross-checking process encompassing in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo studies.


Science serves as our fundamental means to decipher the world. This pursuit of understanding not only satisfies our intellectual curiosity but also paves the way for practical applications, particularly in the realm of developing innovative therapeutic strategies.


We are eager to assist you with our tools and extensive experience. If you’re interested in a collaborative partnership and wish to explore our services, please feel free to reach out to us!


Having amassed considerable knowledge and expertise in virology, tissue engineering, and biosafety, we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to share our insights and discoveries with others.

Senior staff

We are dynamic & vibrant team driven by curiosity and passion.

Krzysztof Pyrć

Founder & PI

Aleksandra Milewska

Tissue cultures and respiratory tract

Katarzyna Owczarek

Interactom of the virus

Anna Kula-Pacurar

HIV virus and double-kick therapy

Natalia Mazur-Panasiuk

Environment and virus stability

Aneta Zegar


Artur Szczepanski

Animal viruses & research models

Dominika Birgiel-Pachalska

Project Manager

Junior staff

Emilia Barreto-Duran

co-cultures and gut organoids

Aleksandra Synowiec

CRISPR-Cas Screenings

Kevin Lie

Models for coronaviruses

Agnieszka Suder

HIV virus and double-kick therapy

Yuliya Chykunova

Biochemistry & proteases

Haider Ali

HIV virus and double-kick therapy

Jakub Wadas

HIV virus and double-kick therapy

Kinga Lis

Biochemistry & proteases


Kamil Lalik

Nina Mickiewicz

Aleksandra Osiecka

Research tools

Here you will find the major tools we use in our everyday work.

Cell culture

  • Human airway epithelium cultures
  • Lung and gut organoids
  • Cell culture using primary cells
  • Complex cell cultures (e.g., with macrophages)
  • Dedicated, genetically-modified models


  • Assays with infectious viruses up to BSL3+ category
  • VLPs
  • Pseudoviruses
  • Diverse readout systems (CPE, qPCR, plaque assau, titration, ELISA, WB and others)